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software title in reverse order of first release software status since this site was last updated current release current version number
Euro Currency Converter no change 1st 2001.0006.0012
Folder Comparison no change 10th 2003.0006.0020
Private Chat no change 1st 2000.0003.0001
Icon Extraction Browser no change 2nd 1999.0011.0016
Master Volume Level no change 1st 1999.0003.0030
Folder Synchronization 2nd 2005.0002.0008
Year 2000 Countdown no change 1st 1999.0001.0022
Number Games no change 1st 1998.0007.0021
Folder Manager no change 8th 2003.0006.0020
Anti-Stress Kit no change 1st 1.00
Directory Comparison no change 7th 1999.0001.0023
Disk Information no change 2nd 1998.0004.0023
Hangman no change 1st 1996.0009.0029.20.4438
Codepage Conversion no change 4th 2001.0009.0012