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Folder Comparison

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jpFolderComparison (10th release)


Folder Comparison

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June 20th, 2003


SmileWare (you must first Smile to get this utility)


Windows 98 / NT 4.0 / 2000 / Me / XP
Has NOT been tested under Windows 95. If you are an inquiring mind and took your chances please let us know.

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English / Greek


Download (2,970,462 bytes) on your hard disk, unzip it in an empty folder and run 'Setup' to install it. In case you don't like this utility, you can uninstall it from 'Add/Remove Programs' like any other Windows application.

Important notice

In some cases, the setup program may need to upgrade some of your computer's controls before performing the installation of the utility. In this case, let the setup program perform the upgrade (your computer will be re-booted automatically) and then run the setup program again to perform the installation.

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If you work on the same set of files both at home and at work, then you usually transfer these files on a floppy disk, a zip disk or some other kind of removable media. In this case, did you ever find yourself in the position of not remembering where the latest version of these files is stored? And did you ever need a utility that could compare the files of two folder structures and let you print the results? But most important of all, did you ever want such a utility at the cost of a single Smile? If your answer to all the above is YES, then this utility is for YOU. Download it, Install it and Enjoy it.
With this utility you can filter the files that are going to be compared, according to their attributes, type and level number of the structure in which they are located. You can compare only the common files. You can display only the differences. You have the ability to exclude the folder structures you don't want to compare. You can compare not only structures that are located on the local computer but even structures of remote computers that are NOT directly connected to each other! You can print the results or save them in a plain text file. You can use any search string to search the results. You can get an interpretation of the results in plain english (or greek). You can save, restore and edit an unlimited number of paths you compare on a regular basis. You can import and export the settings (INI file and saved paths) of the application. You can set the start in folder of the application. And finally, you can view the Windows system info about your PC.


1. When shut down from the control menu, the application remained in memory and had to be terminated from the Task Manager, in order to be launched again in the same Windows session.
2. Extremely complex structures, could produce misleading results.
3. Certain combinations of file attributes, could result in the unwanted exclusion of the files that had such attribute combinations.
1. Instead of being able to just exclude first level folders from the comparison, now we may also select which first level folders will be included in the comparison.
2. Instead of getting an interpretation like "The file in the Primary Structure, doesn't seem to exist in the Secondary Structure.", now we may ask for an extended interpretation that looks like "The file also exists in the Secondary Structure, but has been excluded from the comparison.".
1. The source code of the comparison engine has been rewritten from scratch and is now 10% to 30% faster.
2. Ability to map/unmap network drives.
3. Ability to enable a fail-safe mechanism that will locate possible errors regarding the logic of the process.


The first level folders/files panes of the main window of the application, are now accompanied by check boxes. If the application takes time in displaying the names of the first level folders/files, we may uncheck the check box and hit F5 to speed up the process.


The source code of the file alignment part of the comparison engine has been rewritten from scratch and is now 24% to 79% faster.


There is a new button available in the "Comparison results" window. This button is not enabled until after the completion of the comparison process and provided that the structures being compared, differ. If we click the left mouse button on this button, the next difference will be displayed in the visible part of the grid.


Instead of being able to just display the next difference in sequence, now we may also instruct the application to locate differences, starting from a certain grid row.


The drive letters in the two treeview panes of the main window of the application, are now accompanied by the volume name, the share name, the file system type and the drive description.


1. Up until now, only the main window of the application could be resized. From now on, all aplication windows can be resized.
2. The window titled 'Options', now contains a new option titled 'Resize the font whenever a window is resized'. If we have checked this option, whenever a window is resized, the font will also be resized. If we have not checked this option, the font size will remain the same. Pay attention to the fact that the results of this option will be put into full effect, after we shut down and restart the application.
3. The window titled 'About', now contains a new button titled 'Check for updated versions'. If we click the left mouse button on this button, a window will show up, through which we will be able to check for a newer version of the application, which the developer has made publicly available on the internet.


In the window titled 'Import settings', the two labels that display the full path where the saved paths file of the PS and the SS will be imported, incorrectly display the name of the INI file of the application, instead of displaying the filename of the corresponding saved paths file. Although these labels do not display the correct files, the application imports the correct files. This bug has been fixed.


We have moved to a new internet location and this updated version reflects this change. Our old internet location is no longer being updated.