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Icon Extraction Browser

Back to where you came from. The same text in Greek.


jpIconExtractionBrowser (2nd release)


Icon Extraction Browser

Version number


Release date

November 16th, 1999


SmileWare (you must first Smile to get this utility)


Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0

Screen size

1024 x 768, Large Fonts, 24-bit (true colour)


English / Greek


Download (2,207,489 bytes) on your hard disk, unzip it in an empty folder and run 'Setup' to install it. In case you don't like this utility, you can uninstall it from 'Add/Remove Programs' like any other Windows application.

Important notice

In some cases, the setup program may need to upgrade some of your computer's controls before performing the installation of the utility. In this case, let the setup program perform the upgrade (your computer will be re-booted automatically) and then run the setup program again to perform the installation.

Version history



Did you ever need a utility that would allow you to browse through the icons stored in 32-bit Microsoft Windows programs and/or DLL files, display these icons and let you save them on your hard disk or copy them on the clipboard? Did you ever want such a utility to scan all the files that exist under a starting point and down to the end of the structure or up to the point you want? But most important of all, did you ever want such a utility at the cost of a single Smile? If your answer to all the above is YES, then this utility is for YOU. Download it, Install it and Enjoy it.


We noticed that when there is a large number of icons, the computer runs out of resources. With this updated version, browsing is performed in steps and thus, the browsing process poses no threat against our computer's resources.