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As you know, by default Windows 98 is configured to use animated windows and menus. This means that when you minimize and maximize windows as well as open menus, Windows 98 uses special effects to create the illusion that the windows and menus explode on to the screen.

While this special effects magic is very cool, it takes time and resources. If you want to see how much, simply disable this feature. To do so, click the left mouse button once on 'Start', then 'Settings', then 'Control Panel'. Double-click on 'Display' to open the Display Properties dialog box. Now click the left mouse button once on the 'Effects' tab and clear the 'Animate Windows, Menus and Lists' check box in the 'Visual Effects' frame.

This feature is also available in newer versions of Windows (2000, XP, etc.) on the 'Effects' tab but it is called 'Transition effects for menus and tooltips'. If it is not readily available, you may first have to click the left mouse button once on some button titled 'Advanced...' or something similar.