Significant And Insignificant

Evolution In A Nutshell

Back to where you came from. The same text in Greek.

Dear Editor,

A dense ball of matter of undetermined composition and from an unknown origin exploded for some unknown reason at an unknown date in pre-history.

By some unknown process, the pieces found orbits for themselves and began revolving, although not all in the same direction. They werent all made of the same material either.

After an unknown period of time the one we call Earth collected atmosphere and water from some unknown source. By chance, the planet was the right distance from the sun, so by some unknown process life appeared. By chance, that life survived and diversified.

Finally there was animal life that breathed oxygen and gave off carbon dioxide, and plant life that used carbon dioxide and gave off oxygen. No intelligence was involved.

For some unknown reason this is called SCIENCE and taught in public schools!

Mina Arnold Young,
Fort Smith,
Arkansas, USA