Barbers Online

TV Schedule

Back to where you came from. An almost similar text in Greek.

Until we get a license from the Tonsorial Communications Commission for operating KBTV and go on air, you can have a look at our weekly schedule.

Monday - Friday Saturday - Sunday
06:00 Tonsorial Daybrake.
A look ahead at the day's top news and events around the world's barber-shops.
06:00 The early early barber.
07:00 Inside Barber-shops.
From Capitol Hill to the White house, we take a look at the tonsorial events that shape your hair.
07:00 The early barber.
08:00 Crosshair.
Our hosts and guests offer a lively discussion on their views about tonsorial and depilation issues impacting America.
08:00 Barberman.
SciFi drama series. Barberman battles hairloss in Barberopolis whilst working as a hair-stylist.
09:00 Barbers in the news.
Interview and debate.
09:00 Barberlighting.
Crime drama series. A former hair-styling model is left almost penniless by her financial advisors and decides to run a private depilatory agency, along with her new partner in the business.
10:00 Reliable Brushes.
Interview and debate.
10:00 Depilation: Impossible.
Action adventure series. Cases of the members of the TMF (Tonsorial Missions Force).
11:00 The bald and the beautiful. 11:00 Tonsorial vice.
Crime drama series. Cases of two ultra cool and slick hair-styling squad officers, in Miami.
12:00 The young and the hairless. 12:00 Medical barbers.
Medical drama series. Stories both professional and personal of the barbers of the Tonsorial Center of a university campus in Los Angeles.
13:00 Battlestar Barberica
SciFi drama series. In the far future (the seventh millennium), the remnants of a tonsorial colony roam space searching for the lost world of Earth.
13:00 T*A*S*H
Sitcom. A group of barbers and hair-stylists have a hard time running a Tonsorial Army Surgical Hospital, during the Korean War.
14:00 Bay City Barbers
Drama series. Episodes in the lives of the players of a minor league barberball team in Bay City, California.
14:00 Martial barber.
Crime drama series. A bulky Shanghai barber heads West to become a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, where he often finds himself called upon to use his combing skills.
15:00 Face the barber. 15:00 Barbers with children.
Sitcom. Episodes in the life of a dysfunctional family.
16:00 60 hairdressers 16:00 Barberhead manor.
Sitcom. A millionaire, owner of Barberhead Manor in Massachusetts, has rings run around him by his quirky barbers.
17:00 Hill street brushes.
Crime drama series. Cases of the hard working barbers, based at Hill Street Tonsorial Station.
17:00 The barber behind the badge.
An anthology series of stories from the barber files.
18:00 Hogan's barbers.
Wartime sitcom. The exploits of a group of American B.O.W.'s (Barbers Of War), stuck in Stalag 13 where they run rings around the German barbers.
18:00 McBarber.
Crime drama series. A Deputy Barber of New Mexico, carries on as if nothing has changed and wears his cowboy toupee and stetson on duty.
19:00 Hairloss improvement.
Sitcom. Family man has his own D.I.Y hair-styling cable TV show, called Hair Time.
19:00 The barber boat.
Comedy drama series. Stories of the crew and passengers of the Pacific Baldness, a barber-ship where hairloss abounds.
20:00 I dream of Barberini.
SciFi sitcom. A NATA (National Aeronautics and Toupee Administration) barber discovers a genie in a bottle, after crashing on a desert island. Back home in the States she creates havoc for him, by trying to improve his hair-styling.
20:00 Barber and order.
Crime drama series. Cases of the hair-stylists who catch the crooked barbers and the lawyers who try them.
21:00 The invisible barber.
SciFi drama series. The adventures of a barber who learns the secrets of depilation and ends up working for a hair-salon.
21:00 LA barber.
Crime drama series. Cases of the barbers at a Los Angeles law firm.
22:00 It's a barber's world.
Comedy drama series. Stories of a quartet of barbers living on a barberboat in Ohio.
22:00 Barber Fu.
Western/Martial Arts drama series. A Chinese American Barberolin priest searches across the American West for his missing brother.
23:00 Kojak.
Crime drama series. Cases of the bald, lollipop sucking, tough detective Lt Theo Kojack in Manhattan.
23:00 Barber and the fatman.
Crime drama series. A DB (District Barber) in Honolulu, often teams up with private barbers to crack his cases.
00:00 Journey to the center of the barber-shop.
Period SciFi fantasy drama serial. Whilst on an expedition to New Zealand searching for a missing hair-stylist, a group led by a barberontologist discovers a bizarre new hair-do lurking deep inside the Earth.
00:00 Barbersmoke.
Western drama series. Cases of a tonsorial lawman in Dodge City, Kansas, during the 1870's.
01:00 Barber rider.
Fantasy crime drama series. An ex-barber fights crime on behalf of a special organisation aided by his futuristic comb, called CITT.
01:00 The six million dollar barber.
SciFi drama series. A NATA (National Aeronautics and Toupee Administration) hairdresser develops baldness from a crash and scientists 'rebuild' him using bionic hair.
02:00 The late barber. 02:00 Memorable movies.
Starring Yul Brynner.
04:00 The late late barber. 04:00 Memorable movies.
Starring Telly Savalas.