Barbers Online




Back to where you came from. The same text in Greek.

he's the man - the man with the hairy touch
a barber's touch
such a sleek finger, beckons you to wear his wig of sin
but don't give in

golden dye he will pour on your hair
and a wig he will give you to bear
for a hairless girl misses his styling
it's a style so electrifying, Goldbarber
pretty girl beware of his skull of gold
this skull is bald

golden combs he will use on your hair
he will tell you he is in despair
but the game he plays is really not fair
it's the game of wreath from Mister Goldbarber
pretty girl don't fall for his skull of gold
his skull is cold
he loves only bald
only bald
he loves bald
he loves only bald
only bald
he loves bald