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For Your Hair Only

Back to where you came from. The same text in Greek.

it's your hair only that makes you so uptight
it's your skull only that's glowing in the night
maybe if you wore a wig, you wouldn't be a pig
please think of that, have your hair cut

for your hair only, dandruff is there
so get yourself a new shampoo, buy a nice comb too
for your hair only, remember that
the barber deep inside of me, would like to dye your hair for free
only for you, only for you

your barber only, can make your skull look bright
your stylist only, can fix your hair all right
maybe it's because your hair, was really never there
but being so bald is hard so I've been told

my stylist only, and only he
can touch my skull and cut my hair, now I'm breaking free
from my hair only, not all of them
I'll keep a few to give to you, since long ago you asked me to
give you my hair, I'm bald and lonely