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Back to where you came from. The same text in Greek.

I'm so bald and you have hair
this my darling I can't bear
I need you to give me hair
since you've got so much to spare
shine my skull and make it glow
for no hair will ever grow
oh please give me hair, Deana

chills I get when you touch my hair
for my wig you do not care
I comb you but do you comb me?
oh Deana I do plea
let your stylist dye your hair
and my wig with you I'll share
oh please dye your hair, Deana

skull is shining! skull is glowing!
look at me and please stop yawning!
on my skull a wig is floating!
uh oh! uh oh! uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh oh!

only you-a can-a style-a my hair-a
take a wig-a and stick it there
when you fill me with your luh-ovin' grease
then my skull can feel the summer breeze
shine it, darling, uh uh shine it bright
a-make it shiny better than street light
oh please grease my skull, Deana
oh please, Deana! oh please, Deana! oh please...