Barbers Online



My Barber One

Back to where you came from. The same text in Greek.

You're my stylist
my hairdresser
You're my secret barber and you are on my list

You have no hair
This is not fair
If I only knew they vanished into thin air

Give me your wig
and I'll put it
On my skull forever and I won't forget it

Say you miss it
Come and get it
Just pretend you take it and you will regret it

You are so bald
You must feel the cold
Especially since now that your hair has gone
You need a wig
Indeed pretty big
Making sure that your skull won't shine like the dawn

You have scissors
pretty fancy
And it's cool your barber shop is full of mirrors

You're my tinter
and my barber
When I kiss your skull, you know, I think of winter

You are hairless
not so careless
Wearing a toupee is not a sign of fairness

Never cover
And discover
That you'll be the sun into my raining season

Just believe me
Don't deceive me
On an empty skull a wig will look like treason